Paleo Cookbook By Nikki Young – A Short Review

Paleo cookbook is a recipe book that tells us about the Paleolithic diet, which is also known as caveman diet, which is actually healthy for everyone. It is a book which is well-written at the same time well- researched. Something hard to find in today’s modern foods is nutrition, and if they are nutritious they may not be as tasty at the same time. For the first time I have come across food that is nutritious and the same time delicious.

Lately these recipes are getting a bit of recognition, but these books have been around since 2007. There are number of health programs and diets that have been created in last few years, especially targeting overweight problems, health issues and immunity problems. These problems are actually results of unhealthy diet that most us follow, this is what makes large segment of our population overweight.

Studies done by World Health Organization have shown that more than 2 million people, who are either overweight or obese, die every year. Moreover, there are about 44% people suffering from diabetes and about 23% of people are suffering from heart disease, all this because they are overweight or obese.

When you buy Nikki Young’s Paleo cookbook, you basically get two books. Listed in these two books are 310 recipes which are categorized into 8 different sections. These books also include 5 bonus categories. Since the books have so many recipes breaking them down into categories helps you to find what you might be looking for a quick reference.

Nikki has used really simple language and has made it easy by simplifying the steps to follow. It makes Paleo cookbook helpful for amateurs and beginners. All the ingredients that are listed in these books are easily available in the general grocery stores. Nikki has also listed some wonderful vegetarian recipes that add variety to the menu. You will find that each of the recipes that is listed in these books have complete and detailed information like ingredients, servings and much more. It also includes the measurement and conversion tables.

Nikki Young’s style of writing and explaining things shows how great and experienced she might be in this subject. By making her recipes so appealing she offers something for everyone. By following her cookbooks it’s not hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to loose weight at the same time.

It makes life so very simple when everything you want is at your fingertips. In the contemporary fast paced world it is hard to focus on reading an actual cookbook. It makes more sense if I could rather have it on laptop, all the more easier if I could have it on my I-phone because I will be able to checkout the ingredients while at the supermarket. When you order Paleo cookbook online, you will be able to download a copy immediately which means you can start cooking right away.

I strongly recommend these books for someone who is looking for a healthier lifestyle. If you seriously adhere to this diet you will yourself start noticing the positive changes that it brings. Perhaps you will realize the value of this diet after reaching the goal of your body fat or excess weight.


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